Professional Chef And Cook Services In Riviera Maya Mexico

Akumal, Riviera Maya

Professional Chef And Cook Services In Riviera Maya Mexico

Chef or cook services are available in all of our villas.  Some of the villas include complimentary service in the rental rate, others are hired separately.

Even if your villa does not include complimentary service, you can still enjoy a delicious and authentic dinner prepared and served in your villa. Depending on your needs you can hire a cook part time or for the entire week. Unless included in the rental rate, arrival night dinners are not available.**  Otherwise, when you want the cook to prepare a  meal, please let the manager or maid know at least 24 hours in advance.  On the day you want the meal, you will need to give them the money to purchase the groceries and payment in advance for preparing the meal, serving and cleaning up. Service fees are $8-10 USD/person for lunch or dinner.**  Dinner is typically served at 6:30pm.  Breakfast will cost $5-$6 USD/person.**  Breakfast will be served around 8:30am.

*All homes have their own cooks and prices may vary slightly. However, the prices given are as accurate as we can ascertain. Food and transportation costs (if applicable) will be extra. Upon arrival, you will need to speak with the manager about your menu selections and payment.

**We do not do arrival dinners because, often, when guests arrive later than planned, food becomes cold and the cook has to wait, often until late, to be paid for her services. We do not ask the cook/ staff/ managers/villa owners to front grocery money for reimbursement when guests arrive. We recommend to guests that they choose from some of excellent restaurants near their villa.  We would be happy to provide a list with a short description about each.

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