Couples Only Luxurious and Seductive Spa Vacation Packages at Desire Riviera Maya Resort

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Cancun, Riviera Maya

Couples Only Luxurious And Seductive Spa Vacation Packages At Desire Riviera Maya Resort

The Spa at Desire Riviera Maya Resort is a pampering world where you get therapeutic massages and beautifying treatments that will rejuvenate and revitalize your body. In the midst of lush vegetation, the spa of our clothing optional resort emerges as a haven for the stimulation of the mind, body and soul. With a rather erotic approach, the spa at Desire Riviera Maya Resort provides an ideal blend of relaxation and sensuality. Drawing on a fusion of time-honored Mayan and Asian traditions, Desire’s spa promotes the use of aromatic oils, herbs and essences to awake all your senses every time. The expertise of highly trained therapists ensures an array of pleasing sensations at the spa of Desire Riviera Maya Resort where you will be totally in tune not only with yourself but also with your partner. The spa at our clothing optional resort enables you to either indulge in some precious ‘me’ time or enjoy treatments with your middle half for a perfect way to heighten your passionate stay at Desire.

Exotic (Massages)

A traditional swedish massage, utilizing soft pressure manipulation, promoting a state of total relaxation and restoration of energy to the body.

Vigor (50 or 25 min)

A massage utilizing medium to deep pressure, with the objective of working the most internal muscle fibers where muscle contractures are generated, usually causing chronic pain. This treatment is ideal for people who love massages and receive them on a regular basis.

Stones of Passion (50 min)

An extraordinary massage that is popular worldwide for its increasing health and wellness capacities. A combination of manipulations that are choreographed with the application of hot stones generates a magnificent sensation of relaxation and release of stress.

Land of Desire (50 min)

Massage that combines the benefits of a sedative plant based therapy, with flowers and thermic mud, all applied with therapeutic and lymphatic massage techniques. This treatment will leave your skin hydrated and nourished, as you enjoy the effects of a pleasurable, detoxifying massage.

Mud: Chamomile, Peppermint, Rose.

Essential Love Oil (50 min)

An essential oils ritual, combined with a massage, designed to aid in different therapeutic necessities. This massage is designed for relaxation, and in addition offers curative effects due to the essential oils that are utilized.

The Perfect Back (25 min)

A massage, utilizing medium to deep pressure, works the muscle fibers of the spinal column. This massage was designed to release tension and better circulation, by relaxing the muscles in the shoulders and back.

Royal – 4 Hands (50 or 25 min)

An incredible, choreographed massage, in which 2 therapists work in a synchronized fashion to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain and equalize the senses. In many cases the 4 hands massage is considered to be the optimum choice, due to the physiological benefits that are provided by having two therapists.

Reflexology (25 min)

A delicious foot massage, utilizing acupressure on certain points, to better organ function. This treatment includes a foot exfoliation and a vigorous foot massage.

Sensual Desire (50 min)

A soft and exciting neurocutaneous massage.

*Couples Only.

Erotic Ritual (50 min)

An exclusive ritual, specially designed for our guests, where you will indulge in a world full of magical and erotic sensations. This provocative massage will awake that intimate desire between you and your partner in a universe of warm and pleasurable emotions.

*Couples Only.


Exotic Packages - Magnificent Refuge (3 hrs)


– Passion stone massage.

– Body Wrap (Land of Desire).


– Sexy O Facial.


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