Amazon Custom Luxury Specialty Yacht Cruise Vacation Packages

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Amazon, South America

Amazon Custom Luxury Specialty Yacht Cruise Vacation Packages


The Amazon Jungle covers many countries including Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil.  There are several Cruise options available in Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.  Here are some of our recommendations to experience the Amazon.  Most of the yachts are small and allow visitors to reach the smaller tributaries. 

·         Tucano Yacht (Manaus, Brazil)

·         Amazon Clipper (Manaus, Brazil)

·         Grand Iberostar (Manaus, Brazil)

·         Anakonda (Ecuador)

·         Aqua and Aria (Iquitos, Peru)


·         Defin (Iquitos, Peru)

Central and South America are visited by the large cruise ships, but we recommend the smaller, specialty cruises found in many areas that allow the visitors to access more points of interest.  Also these cruises will have specially trained naturalist guides that are essential to having a good travel experience.

Please contact us for more information, schedules, and prices.  

MILA Tours is also active in volunteer travel with Cross Cultural Solutions and the Yantalo Foundation which is building a green clinic in the Peruvian Amazon.


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