All Inclusive Western Cattle Drive Dude Ranch Vacation Packages

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Whitefish, Montana

All Inclusive Western Cattle Drive Dude Ranch Vacation Packages

Cowboying on The Great Divide - Spring & Fall

Spring: June 4th - 11th

Fall: September 17th-24th

For 2017 dates please call the office

“The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.”  Spoken by Will Rogers, Winston Churchill, and Ronald Reagan, among many others and finer words werenever spoken.  Man’s universal love of horses has taken man and horse into a world of incredibly diverse use.  But, there’s one area of the horse world that isn’t mentioned enough and that’s “Cowboying,” and that may be the best of them all. 

“Cowboying on the Great Divide” is scheduled for this spring and fall hosted by the Bar W Guest Ranch.  It’s all about horses, cattle, great country, and you!

At the Bar W, we have created a cattle drive adventure that rounds out all of the experiences of a cattle round-up. Having participated in traditional cattle drives, we wanted our guests to experience the “best of” what a cattle drive offers.

We’ll begin at the ranch with horsemanship lessons working with cattle, getting your seat and making sure you and your horse are a match. 

Then we head out to the Blackfeet reservation for the next four days to our base camp. Over this four day trip on 50,000 acres, you’ll ride as far as you can see to gather up the cattle, drive them back to the corrals, sort the mother cows and calves, brand, inoculate, and doctor the young males.

You’ll feel like a real cowhand riding out for different herds – long horns one day, then cows and we may even go out for some bucking horses before heading back to the ranch.

We’ll round out the week with a ride to the Canadian Boarder -smooth beautiful country along Lake Koocanusa, to Stryker Peak or Krinklehorn territories - mountainous rides with steep climbs.

1.  You’re invited to be part of a real special week.  On Saturday, the Bar W Ranch picks you up at the airport and once settled at the ranch we’ll have dinner and then a horse orientation.  

2.  On Sunday be prepared to be in the saddle all day.  We’ll start by matching you up with the horse that’ll suit you best for the coming week

Horsemanship, reading cattle, sorting, penning, and possibly some roping

Trail ride

Dinner at the ranch

3.  Monday, Gathering and Moving Cattle at Horsethief Buttes

Load up the horses and head over East

Finding and gathering up all cattle

Dinner and overnight in tent camp

4.  Tuesday, Gathering and Moving Cattle at Horsethief Buttes

Finding and gathering up all cattle

Dinner and overnight in tent camp

5.  Wednesday, Moving the herd to camp corrals

Roping, branding, vaccinating

Dinner and overnight in tent camp

6.  Thursday, Mothering-Up cattle and separating herd into pastures

All day separating and moving cattle back to respective pastures

Travel back to the Bar W Ranch

7.  Friday, Riding to the Canadian Border at Swisher Lake or to the top of the Krinklehorn territory -all day. Wagon Ride and Barbecue at the Gazebo on Spencer Lake

8.  Saturday departure mid morning


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Prices for Double Occupancy range from $2,295.00 to $2,820 per person depending on the room you choose. Please call the ranch (866-828-2900) and ask for more details and our suggested clothing and equipment list.

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