Hiking Vacation Packages at Tumbling River Dude Ranch

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Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Hiking Vacation Packages At Tumbling River Dude Ranch

Health and wellness:  

Tumbling River has heard from our guests how important unplugging from hectic, and often times, stressful lives can be. We want to offer our guests the opportunity to take time to explore, relax and stretch your body and mind.  We have full programs for health and wellness.  We have a guided hiking program with hiking options every day, we offer body movement classes such as yoga, fitness classes that include weights as well as high cardio options.   We also have a ranch massage therapist.  Tumbling River is a surprisingly perfect destination for reviving your mind, body and spirit.

Yoga:  We offer yoga three times a week in our beautiful Pioneer Club.  Two sets of French doors are opened to an expansive deck with the “tumbling river” babbling in the background.  Our yoga-inspired activities that will relax you and stretch out those saddle sore muscles.  These classes are great for beginners to more experienced enthusiasts.

Hiking program: “Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way!” (Dr. Seuss) TRR has developed an exciting, all-inclusive and amazing guided hiking program.  The ranch sits at 9200 feet right in the heart of some of the best hiking Colorado has to offer.  We will start on Monday morning with a “get to know you hike” around the ranch.  This hike will allow our guests to “feel the burn” of breathing at high altitude.  Tuesday brings historic Flag Mountain!  Do the work, feel the sweat and get to sigh the summer flag to all to gaze, not to mention the incredible views of the ranch below.  On Wednesday, we offer a long, pack-a-long hike that stretches the length of the pass.  Thursday and Friday are half-day hikes to two beautiful alpine likes that rest at 12, 000 feet and 12, 200 feet.  These hikes are perfect morning workouts that leave your afternoon available for horses, guns, rock climbing, massages or napping!  We finish up the week with a Saturday hike full of views and flowers on the Colorado Trail.

Take in the beauty and sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching a mountaintop or simply enjoying the peace of a mountain stream – you decide what level and challenge and we’ll guide you there.

Fitness classes:  Tumbling River strives to be the perfect vacation spot for the entire family!  We want your family to go as much or as little as you like.  I know that for some of our guests leaving behind their gyms, or workout routines can be hard.  We also want you to feel like you’ve “earned” those homemade cookies and desserts.  Throughout the week, we will offer fitness classes.  These classes will be lead in outdoor spaces, or in the upper floors of the Pioneer Club.  These classes range from trail running excursions, times interval classes with body weight and dumbbells to weight only classes, to combinations of cardio and weights.  Some of the classes are in the morning and some in the afternoon based on when we can fit the classes in among all the other awesome activities we have.

Massage:  Step out of your stirrups and into the “recovery room.”  This is our little cabin in the woods dedicated to massage therapy.  Experience a wonderfully relaxing massage or speak with Carol, our TRR massage therapist who has been with us for 10 years about a Swedish or deep muscle massage.  Massage services are available Tues, Thursday and Friday or by private appointment.  If you know you want a massage while you are at the ranch, you can sign up at the orientation on Sunday night or stop by the office anytime and add your name to the list!   


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Rates Notes


(Sunday – Sunday only, from mid-June through the end of August

Adults $2750
Teens (ages 12-17) $2600
Children (ages 11-6) $2500
Children (ages 5-3) $2300
Children (ages 2 and under) $1800 nanny program or $600 (ranch fees with no child care)

The cost of the Sunday-to-Sunday stay includes accommodations (rooms have private baths and fireplaces), meals, facilities (heated pool, hot tubs), personalized horsemanship program, children’s programs, evening activities, guided hiking programs, shooting sports, fishing on our private ponds, vehicle trips, and the overnight pack-trip. The additional items that are not included are a 3.9% state sales tax, service charge (15%), white-water rafting ($81 per person), airport transfers ($400 round-trip for the entire family up to 6 people, more details here), massage therapy, exclusive guided fly fishing excursions with professional guides, evening babysitting (for children under 3 years old), and family portraits.


(first two weeks of June; late August)

Adults $2400
Teens (ages 12-17) $2250
Children (ages 11-6) $2100
Children (ages 5-3) $1950
Children (ages 2 and under) $1150 nanny program or $600 (ranch fees with no child care)

We offer 3-night, 4-night and 5-night packages for the first two weeks of June and late August. See the daily rate chart below. Please plan your shorter stays within our Sunday to Sunday structure.


Daily Rates

Adults  $355/night
Teens $335/night
Children under 12 $300/night
Children under 6 $275/night
Children under 3 $50/night, babysitting is extra

Arrive for morning activities or mid-afternoon. Depart before dinner on your check out day. What we do well is our 7 day, Sunday-to-Sunday program. However, we want to accommodate your family and help you enjoy your time at Tumbling River. We offer 3, 4 & 5 nights’ stays. Please note that if you are coming to the ranch for a partial week stay, we still operate in our weekly program and we cannot change our weekly schedule. We will do our best to help you book activities with our vendors on different days, but this would be on your own. For example, if you want to take our white-water rafting trip, which we offer on Wednesdays, but you can only take it on Thursday; we will help plan anyway that we can, but this trip would need to be done on your own. Partial stays also require guests to rent a car or find another source for transportation, as we only offer our shuttle services on Sundays.

Most importantly, we recommend that you begin your stay on Sunday. Arriving on Sunday allows your family to meet other guests and participate in our orientation on Sunday evening. In any event, your partial stay must fall within the Sunday to Sunday structure (meaning a weekend stay is not an option). Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions.

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