Eden Vale Inn- Luxurious Spa Vacation Packages | Northern California Bed & Breakfast

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Placerville, California

Eden Vale Inn- Luxurious Spa Vacation Packages | Northern California Bed & Breakfast

Relax, Soothe and Rejuvenate 



Eden Vale Inn and Spa near Placerville offers several massage therapy options to help you wind down and reinvigorate. Your certified and licensed massage therapist will consult with you to individualize your massage.

Swedish Massage $130 for 60-Minutes, $20 each additional 15-minutes *  Enjoy the relaxing benefits of Swedish massage. All our gifted and giving Certified Massage Therapists incorporate Swedish, as well as various other modalities, to best address your individual needs.

Deep Tissue Massage $155 for 60-Minutes Hands-On Reach deeper layers with deep pressure. Relax tense and spammed muscles where aches and pains are held. Your Certified Massage Therapist will start with Swedish techniques to warm the tissue before moving into deeper work. Deep Tissue Massage can help with chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, pinched nerves, arthritis, posture, and limited range of motion.

Hot Stone Therapy $145 for 60-Minutes Hands-On The heated stones, placed on key points in the body, help ease muscle stiffness, increase circulation and deepen relaxation. Our Certified Massage Therapists customize your massage, incorporating the hot stones, to create a healing and relaxing experience.

Pre-Natal $130 for 60-Minutes Hands-On The mother-to-be is supported and nurtured in this massage. Specialized massage techniques combined with bolsters makes for total relaxation and comfort even late in pregnancy. Pre-natal massage helps relieve muscle cramps, reduce stress on weight-bearing joints and improves circulation which can reduce swelling. Please check with your physician first if you are having any pregnancy complications. .

*Add 15 minute increments to any massage for $20




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